This is a largely rare radio daily series which was syndicated in Canada in the early 1980's, I only remember hearing this on the air about that time, so I cannot give you a exact date. I wish I can give you more information, but little is known except the episode titles. Greene died in 1987, so obviously, that's one reason why the series hasn't been resurrected on radio over the years.

All the files here are sourced from the original radio station reel dub masters, not off air broadcasts. Each show includes the intro plus the body of the program which can run between :90 secs and 2 minutes

Right click and select "Save Target As" to SAVE the file to your computer. If your computer's mp3 player is set up correctly, clicking on the link will play the file, but you should be able to save it to your computer easily.

Show 01-Christmas Eve Mp3

Show 02-Someone Out Here Mp3 Show 03-Christmas Morning Mp3
Show 04-Christmas Wrapping Mp3 Show 05-Night Befiore Mp3 Show 06-He Smiles Mp3
Show 07-Elizabeth, Ruth & Eve Mp3 Show 08-The Letter Mp3 Show 09-Sounds Of Christmas Mp3
Show 10-Days Of Christmas Mp3 Show 11-Newscast Mp3 Show 12-Mistletoe Mp3
Show 13-Two Of Them Mp3 Show 14-Santa Fred Mp3 Show 15-Blind Christmas Mp3
Show 16-Owl Mp3 Show 17-Two Brothers Mp3 Show 18-Click Clack Mp3
Show 19-He To She Mp3 Show 20-The Evergreen Mp3 Show 21-Christmas Cancelled Mp3
Show 22-Unite Mp3 Show 23-Capricorn Mp3 Show 24-The First Robin Mp3
Show 25-Christmas In Jail Mp3 Show 26-If Peace Was All We Had Mp3 Show 27-Inventory Mp3
Show 28-Its Christmas Mp3 Show 29-Birthday Party Mp3 Show 30-Hotel Noel Mp3